The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising

The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising

There are two very important elements in every business: marketing and advertising. Without them, businesses even those born out of great ideas, do not grow or expand and in the end, fail without realising their potential. Advertising of course lets people know the business exists and the products and services that it sells. Marketing is the process where businesses build, maintain and improve relations with current and potential customers by finding ways of improving the aspects and delivery of their products and services. There are plenty of marketing and advertising tools available in every phase of the business from a simple road or business sign, phone calls, flyers, brochures, TV ads and even email spam. These tools vary in usage as well as cost. TV ads for example, when made properly, are the most effective, reaching out to most of the target market but at a very steep price tag. Start-up businesses and even established ones can make use of printed materials such as brochures and flyers which can reach out to many people at a fraction of the cost of TV ads.

Many businesses depend on printed media for marketing and advertising purposes. However, letting something be known is different than making something be remembered and acted upon. Printed media has to have a certain impact on the target market. When properly made, signage, posters, brochures, flyers, even business cards can compel customers into purchasing a product or enticing a service. Beautifully made business cards give an illusion of power, command respect, and gives strength to business representatives. Flashy brochures and flyers give the illusion of a strong vibrant business that has plenty to offer. The stronger the business looks, the more customer attraction it gets. Bright and colorful printed flyers or posters with catchy one-liners often attract more people to buy power tools than simple black and white printed paper which mentions a fifty-percent discount of the same product. For example, brochures are important print materials made out of several pages containing information about the business and a shortlist of products and services often designed attractively so it can be read by and attract potential customers. Flyers on the other hand are smaller most consisting of single sheets of paper containing the business name and promotional information such as product discounts. Both mediums can also be used to introduce a business to the public and during conventions and networking events.

Therefore, it is very important for businesses to have their printed media professionally made by creatives who know how to make businesses, no matter how obscure look good. It is essential for start-ups and established companies to look for competent printed media experts for all their printed materials used to represent their business such as letterheads, calling cards, brochures and flyers. Experts such as multi-awarded Select Digital Print Group can give companies that printed edge to get ahead of the competition.

The Select Digital Print Group offers print services such as business cards, letterheads, and various company stationery. They offer promotional materials and promotional print such as printed mouse pads, mugs, coasters and t-shirts. They also specialise in posters, banners, signage, counter displays and exhibition graphics. Through Select Digital’s stunning exhibition displays, along with carefully crafted brochures, flyers and business cards should get startups up and well established companies an additional boost and more profit for less cost.